News & Notes

  • Nov 6, 2009

    This year's 17 LIPS youth, speakers of seven languages, wasted no time getting to work. After a weekend-long intensive training with Zarita Araujo-Lane, president and director of Cross Cultural Communication Systems, the LIPS youth headed out into the community to practice their new interpretation skills. On Wednesday, October 28th the LIPS teens congregated at the Argenziano School in Union Square, Somerville to interpret at a community forum about the Green Line Expansion in Somerville.

  • Oct 28, 2009

    Our ESOL program is growing! This year, we're offering more classes than ever before, including a special series of English classes about the new Green Line extension. More than helping students improve their English language skills, our classes help students navigate an often unfamiliar new culture and provide opportunities to engage in the civic life of the city.


  • Oct 15, 2009

    This fall, three Somerville non-profits and the Somerville Housing Authority are celebrating an unusual harvest at the Mystic Housing Developments. Normally, of course, there’s a harvest of vegetables and flowers from the immigrant-led Mystic Community Garden. But this year, it’s something more – a harvest from seeds sewn through new programming for Mystic youth, and a harvest reaped from new collaboration among Somerville non-profits this spring and summer.