Restaurant Card Program

Looking for a new favorite restaurant in Somerville? Taste the cultural richness of our city by dining at some of the city's best immigrant-run restaurants -- 
with a discount. 

To promote and support the immigrant-run restaurants in Somerville, we've created the
YUM Restaurant Card.

When you buy a YUM Restaurant Card for $10 ($11 online) you get three great things right away:
  • You get discounts on great food. Each time you show the YUM Restaurant Card at a participating restaurant, you receive 10% off orders of $25 or more for the full calendar year. 
  • You support local immigrant run-restaurants and the local economy.
  • Proceeds from all sales support education and leadership programs for immigrant youth and adults through The Welcome Project

What kind of food does the card include? The YUM program includes restaurants that serve authentic Ethiopian, Indian, Nepali, Mexican, Italian, and Portuguese cuisine. For addresses and hours of operation, check out our list of participating restaurants.

How much will I save? Let's say you bring a friend and spend around $35 per meal - that means the card pays for itself in just three visits! With eight great restaurants to try, you can easily use the card more than three times over the course of a year.

Where do the proceeds go? Every dollar goes to support The Welcome Project's programs for immigrant families, including our adult English classes and our leadership programs for youth. 

Let's be the change we wish to see in our city. Join us, and together we can create a better future. 

Buy the YUM Restaurant Card. Taste the benefits.