Mystic Community Garden

Rebirth of the Mystic Community Garden: 2008

Roses in the Mystic Community GardenAfter two years gardening in buckets in a nearby parking lot, the immigrant gardeners from the Mystic Community Garden were thrilled to move into their new garden plots at the Mystic Housing Development in the spring of 2008.

The Mystic Community Garden garden began in the late 1980s through the efforts of Hahn Le, a Mystic tenant and then-member of the Welcome Project’s Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Mystic Community Garden is to allow allow tenants in this dense urban community the opportunity to work with greenery and to grow fresh vegetables. A garden steering committee oversees the operation of the garden and the allocation of plots and tasks. The garden is the thriving center of spring and summer for local residents.The Mystic Community Garden was recognized as Community Garden of the Year by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 2001.

Fixing the FenceIn 2006, because of new landscaping and construction at Mystic Housing, the old garden was torn down. The Somerville Housing Authority made plans for a new garden. The gardeners relocated into a temporary space in a nearby parking lot, growing their vegetables and herbs in buckets for two growing seasons.

In spring 2008, a campaign began to build needed fences and trelises and install them in the new garden. Thanks to the help of many volunteers and contributors (Including Somerville Housing Authority staff) we successfully completed the garden's rebuilding and relocation.

Today's garden includes the Mysitc Kids Garden, a collaborative effort between The Welcome Project and The Mystic Learning Center. In their own garden plot, Mystic youth learn to grow their own vegetables and to be stewards of their local environment.

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