Immigrant City: Then and Now

Immigrant City logoAlthough Somerville has always been a city of immigrants,earlier generations of immigrants do not always see eye to eye with the city's more recent arrivals.

The Welcome Project began organizing Immigrant City: Then and Now in early 2007 as an oral history and photography project that would culminate in an exhibit at the Somerville Museum in the fall. Our goal: to help tell stories from 30 immigrant families in Somerville, half from immigrant families arriving in the city a generation ago, the others who were more recent arrivals. We wanted to hear the stories from different generations of immigrants to help the community explore some of the the similarities -- and differences -- of settlers in this city of immigrants.

But the Immigrant City project soon grew to be much more than this. Our partnership grew to include students and teachers in the Somerville Public Schools, faculty and students in several classes and departments at Tufts University, as well as many, many volunteers throughout the community. Our efforts are ongoing and include:

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