Civic Engagement

The Welcome Project, together with other Somerville community groups, has played an important role in alleviating racial tensions in the city and helping the city’s immigrants more effectively navigate a challenging economic, political, and social landscape. All of our activities -- from our liaison interpreter work with youth to our English classes with adults are designed to do more than develop a skill or increase knowledge. At our core, our mission is to play a central role in building bridges between communities so that new immigrants can effectively participate in the life of the city. Three iniitiatives designed to do this are:

  • Immigrant City: Then & Now. Through oral histories, photographs, and digital storytelling, we are helping immigrants from different generations share stories with each other and with the community.
  • Welcoming Massachusetts. The Welcome Project plays a local role in this statewide campaign to recognize the human dignity of all people, regardless of their country of origin or status. In Somerville, we collaborate with the Centro Presente, The Somerville Community Corporation, and other groups and individuals who seek positive resolutions from our institutions and elected officials, including the Board of Aldermen and the School Committee.
  • Mystic Community Garden. We manage an award-winning community garden run by immigrant tenants at the Mystic Housing Development. We work to connect Mystic gardeners with the city's vibrant community gardening community.