Adult Education

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Our Adult Education and Leadership Programs empower immigrant leadership through English language classes and opportunities for  increased involvement in our community. 

General English Classes

Using themes of Education and Goals, Jobs, Housing and Community, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, and Civics, The Welcome Project introduces students to community resources, the nuances of a new culture, and opportunities to engage in the civic life of the city. We offer 4 different English levels for adult English language learners and each class meets two days per week. Class sessions are in the morning and the evening. For registration information please click here.

English for Parents

In collaboration with the Somerville Public Schools, we offer 5 different classes of English for parents of children in Somerville Public Schools. Two classes are offered in the morning and three in the evening. To register in these English classes, please contact the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative at (617) 625-6600 x6966 or email

English for Citizenship

The Welcome Project also offers Citizenship Preparation classes a couple times a year. For more information about the schedule of this class please call us at 617-623-6633.

Computer Skills Class

In the 2016-2017 academic year we will be running a computer class every Friday morning for the adult immigrant community. The fall semester class will focus on Introduction to Computers and basic skills for navigating around a computer. The spring semester will develop more intermediate skills, teaching some Microsoft applications and enable students to become more confident in their overall use of computers. This class will be offered first to our English Class students, but others may join if there are still spots available. For more information about the schedule of this class please call us at 617-623-6633.