Volunteer Highlight: Mahesh Limbu

Mahesh joined The Welcome Project as a teacher’s aide in the Fall of 2015 and because of generous contributions from our community, he continues to work as an aide in our beginner English classes. Mahesh grew up in Katmandu, Nepal where he studied aviation engineering and worked as an engineer on a British aircraft company. Mahesh moved to the US twelve years ago and studied computer science at Quincy College and then English Language at UMass Boston. One of the things that Mahesh appreciates most about the US is the educational freedom to study and change subjects as much as you like. When he is not working as a teacher’s aide at The Welcome Project, he manages a retail store.

But that’s not all! Mahesh is a founding member of the Prakashmuni English Boarding School (PEBS), a school of 90 students located in Laxmipur, a small mountainside village in Nepal. The village had not had a school for forty years before Mahesh and his partners established PEBS. In order to get to school in another village, students would have to cross a large stream, which proved incredibly difficult during flood season. Many times, students would go weeks without being able to attend school.

Mahesh and his partners established the Prakashmuni English Boarding School with the hopes of providing students in the village adequate lessons, English language and vocational training. Because the financial situation in Nepal, many students have to drop out of school in order to work and make money to support themselves and their families. For this reason, PEBS provides vocational training so at least students will learn some practical skills during the time they are able to attend school. PEBS also aims to engage the parents of the students who attend the school through small gatherings meant to encourage parents to support their child’s education. Because most schools and school supplies cost money, parents are often unable to support their children’s education. However, PEBS provides their education and supplies for free and encourages all children in a family to attend the school during the day, no matter what age.

In order to help support the school, Mahesh sets aside a certain amount of money each month to send back to the school. Even $25 dollars helps in buying the proper school materials for most of the students. Although Mahesh is based in the Boston area, he continues to contribute to the school and goes back to visit during the year. In conversation with Mahesh, he mentioned how he plans to write a book in English about the harsh conditions in Laxmipur, especially women trafficking and discrimination against women. He wants to make sure these issues are voiced and therefore plans to continue to develop his public speaking skills in English as well. Working as a teacher’s aide at TWP has allowed Mahesh to continue to develop his English skills while helping others do the same. Overall, Mahesh’s commitment to issues in his community both in the US and abroad is inspiring and we are lucky to have him as a member of our team.