Summer Camp Starts July 17th!

Our annual summer camp, starting this Monday, will help youth in our community explore their identities through mixed media. The camp will encourage our kids to reflect on their diverse identities while also learning more about the identities of their peers. We aim to accomplish this by promoting artisitc exploration, specifically by exposing kids to art and helping them express themselves through different mediums.

The theme for this year's camp is an extension of last year's session which was specifically focused on photography. Thanks to donors like you, campers will continue to explore identity through different media this year. Kids in the program will be visiting museums and doing all kinds of crafting activities, like drawing and painting. The final project will be a self-portrait that reflects each camper's sense of self. Participants will be encouraged to create their self-portrait using charcoal because it's a flexible medium. However, they will also have the option to use paint, watercolor, and collage as well. Throughout the camp, participants will also be encouraged to just have fun and enjoy themselves. We are trying to make this camp a safe and inclusive place for participants to express themselves creatively. If you would like to support our summer camp, please donate at this link. If you are interested in enrolling your child, the last day to enroll is July 17th. Our camp runs from July 17th-28th and is in session from 10am to 3pm throughout the week.